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Shotokan is a martial art that is practiced worldwide. It is among the four most prominent karate styles.It first became popular in Okinawa, Japan, and spread to China and the United States. In Shotokan, practitioners use punches, kicks, elbows, and other techniques to defend themselves and defeat opponents.

"Harmony of the mind and body"

How it started

It was founded in 1922 by Gichin Funakoshi and has been taught at various locations in Japan and worldwide. Shotokan Karate is often seen with a ‘spirit of martial arts. Funakoshi’s philosophy behind martial arts training is based on three underlying principles, which are: “harmony of the mind and body,” “the restoration of balance and harmony,” and “the preservation of a person’s basic vitality.” Here is all you need to know about Shotokan Karatedo. Classes can be taught with multiple people and can feel similar to a military-style gym in Gilbert AZ.

Shotokan Focuses on
Solid self defense skills

You will discover ways to use all limbs as weapons to throw rapid and unique punches, all styles of kicks, in addition to knee and elbow strikes. Though it isn’t a full-touch style, the speed, timing, and precision you broaden are greater and sufficient enough when confronting an attacker.

Footwork and stances
Shotokan karatekas stand in extensive and deep stances which fluctuate a lot from different styles. This sort of bladed stance has pros and cons in fight sports, however the trick is to combine it with brief footwork and motion. Skilled karatekas are usually always moving. They use this sort of stance and motion to preserve their range, keep away from strikes, and installation attacks.
Speed, timing and precision
Shotokan karate isn’t a complete-touch system. Or in different words, you won`t see college students placing every different with complete electricity in sparring or at some point of the match. Instead of knocking every different and inflicting injuries, the principle factor is to weigh down the opponent with the excessive output, accuracy and speed, and defeat them with out inflicting excessive injuries.

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This is a great school! Not only do they teach how to use combat and self-defense skills, but they also teach what situation they should be used in. I’ve done a group class with some other moms and we all loved it. My son goes to the kid’s class every Thursday and he’s learning so much.

Saundra Simms

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