Techniques Used in Shotokan Karatedo

It is an important part of every karate class to practice the basics. The basics are the stances, blocks, punches, and kicks. You need to practice using all these to get a good grasp of what the other, more complex techniques are all about. As you upgrade the belt level, the techniques used in Shotokan Karatedo will gradually change. The techniques used at the lower belt level are way simpler than higher belt level. You will be taught stances, techniques, and blocks to use in situations. You will be taught more specific techniques and combinations of techniques at a higher belt level rather than single ones only. You have to learn how to break the opponent’s balance, strike vital points, and aim for knockout blows. As a student of Shotokan, you need to practice the basic stances and form correctly to tackle more advanced moves later on. Shotokan Karatedo is an art form that needs to be perfected step by step, just like any martial art. You should always practice the forms and techniques sparingly because if you do so, it will make you lose balance. Something similar to karate can be taught in gyms, bootcamp classes in Gilbert, AZ can also teach you about self-defense and awareness, while also getting in a great workout! Both will make you move your body, but one key difference is the mental aspect. Karate highly integrates your mental well-being as well as your physical an teaches about whole body wellness, through ancient philosophies.  

"The restoration of balance and harmony"


Some of the basic stances, techniques, and block practices used in Shotokan Karatedo are like Tachikata, a basic stance used in Shotokan Karatedo. This stance is held with feet shoulder-width apart and the body facing 60 degrees forward. Another basic posture is Kiai which means “voiced to protect .”This posture is used when you are ready to attack or defend. It is performed by standing sideways with your arms close to your side and your head slightly bowed forward, giving you a confident and strong look. Tsuki, also known as Punches, are used to attack vital areas of your opponent’s body like the nose, solar plexus, or throat. Tsuki can also be used in a blocking function. Another critical area that your opponent can target is the groin. To defend against your opponent’s groin kick, you can use a technique called Mawashi Geri, a roundhouse kick. This technique will target your opponent’s right side, and if performed correctly, it will cause severe damage. Blocks known as Ukemi are also taught in Shotokan Karatedo. They are punches used to block your opponent’s strikes and punches. Ukemi can be used offensively (to attack by hitting your opponent with a standing punch) or defensively (to move out of the way of an incoming strike).

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